The Nikon D850 Doubles as a 45.7MP Film Scanner

Interesting attachment.  Last winter I scanned over 1500 old family slides.  It’s a tedious process on a flat bed scanner.  This would be roughly twice as fast I estimate, but with much better quality and range of adjustment since you’re shooting RAW.  I don’t see any mention in the article of what you’re using to backlight the diffusion screen with.

If you have the camera and macro lens already anyways, it seems like a cool option.  If not, then flatbed scanners are $100.  Hmmmm.

Source: The Nikon D850 Doubles as a 45.7MP Film Scanner


Sony will launch the new CineAlta full frame 36x24mm camera on September 6 – sonyalpharumors

Two weeks out from finally seeing what Sony has in store for the cinema world. I had played devil’s advocate that they might reveal this as a curved sensor, but I don’t seriously think that’s going to happen, it would alienate them with too many rental houses in terms of lensing.  I will predict that it will be very good in low light, capable of very high frame rates, and continue with their history of offering a global shutter.  I’m curious to see how big its body will be, and where they price it.

Source: Sony will launch the new CineAlta full frame 36x24mm camera on September 6 – sonyalpharumors sonyalpharumors

Vocas Top Handgrip Pro – Newsshooter

“The Vocas Top Handgrip Pro has been designed as a universal top handle that will work on a variety of different cameras……In addition to the added security and safety of being a fully enclosed, the Top Handgrip Pro has a range of mounting options for ¼’ and cold-shoe accessories.”

I love Vocas gear.  Pricey, but not unreasonable for the quality.  One thing they do that I haven’t seen a lot of other manufacturers do is include camera strap mounting studs on their handles.  As an ex-newsshooter, it’s unimaginable to me to not be able to sling your rig over your shoulder.  Working wood into their design as the gripping surface is nice too.

This setup seems interesting, but I wonder how practical it would be in reality.  Generally most owner/operators have one camera at a time.  If they have more than one, it’s doubtful to me that they are going to be constantly swapping the handle back and forth between them.  Maybe the idea is that the common accessories and rod mounts might work between the two.  I guess if you invest in this handle and then buy a different camera 3 years from now, the ideal is that you won’t have to buy a new handle, but how many of these parts are going to be available 3 years down the road?  I guess it might have a place in a rental department.

Source: Vocas Top Handgrip Pro – Newsshooter

Sony FS5 Firmware fix is ready with v4.02 – Newsshooter

“As a follow-up to recent communications regarding firmware issues for the PXW-FS5 (V.4.0) and PXW-Z150 (V.2.0), Sony has now released version 4.02 for the FS5 and version 2.02 for the Z150. These new versions address both the previously confirmed issues related to HDR in specific applications of HLG in HD shooting modes, and to audio sync.  The new versions are available for download, for the FS5 and the Z150.”

I’ve recently been thinking about what might be the best most cost effective studio camera set-up on the market for small HD mobiles.  I’m of the opinion that any camera in this scenario must have a power zoom parfocal lens with a reasonable range and no iris ramping, and has to have an HD-SDI connector (I hate HDMI).  However in this scenario, you’re likely going to be getting a Blackmagic ATEM box for distance runs and intercom, so it could only have HDMI output…if you had to…God I hate HDMI.

The 1/3″ sensor cameras with LANC controls and an external screen would be the most cost-effective ones, but not necessarily the best looking ones, and if there were to be any handheld use, I’d want something shoulder mountable.  If you needed to run them off battery, it’s possible.  Make sure you get a monitor that takes the same batteries as the camera.

2/3″ B4 mount camcorders, or B4 “mobile” cameras without a recorder section are the norm, but they are expensive, and their lenses are even more expensive.  If you want to do a CCU and fiber, be prepared to spend big money.

The Blackmagic studio cameras check off almost all the boxes, but they are not great in low light, and lens options using the M4/3 mount are not great.  Again, if you’re looking to do handheld, forget it.  Their incredible low price, 10″ viewfinder and fiber/intercom integration makes one want to overlook their lens limitations.  But at the end of the day, unless you’re adapting a B4 mount lens to them, they aren’t very practical, and if you do that, your costs again skyrocket.

The Blackmagic Ursa Mini is another interesting option.  Normally I would avoid large sensor cameras in this scenario because of the limitations in zoom lengths.  You could get it in EF mount and use Canon’s two parfocal S35 zooms with it.  They are pretty slow zooms though, and the Ursa again is not that great in low light.  They do have the option of using a B4 lens in HD, with its price limitation.  As I said, I’m only looking at a HD mobile, but the Ursa is one of the only cameras on the market with a 4K SDI output if you’re looking for that capability.

What I ended up settling on is a Sony FS5 with their newer 18-105mm lens.  It is parfocal, power zoom, F4 and has focus gearing built in (as well as autofocus).  It comes with a zoom handle that can be separated off the camera.  That zoom handle has function buttons that can be used to “punch-in” and scan the center of the sensor for an electronic doubling of focal length (in HD) with no loss of light gathering ability or perceived output quality (in HD).  Its real iris control and variable ND would help in uncontrolled lighting scenarios outside of the studio.  Something that was enabled with this latest firmware update is the ability to now use Sony’s RM-30BP with this set-up (I think, I haven’t actually had hands on time).

This would allow the operator behind the camera to have zoom, focus and most importantly iris control without having to reach up to the lens from the rear.  I think it even allows “stacking” of controllers.  Does this mean you could use it for focus/iris, and plug the zoom control that comes with the FS5 into it for zoom control?  Anyone?  You could rig the camera for handheld shoulder shooting reasonably easily by equipping it with aftermarket accessories like the ones shown in the picture at the top of this post.  The FS5 looks great, is excellent in low light, and will give that limited DOF look if thats what you’re going for.  A Blackmagic 7″ screen as a viewfinder, and an ATEM fiber box for long distance and intercom, and away we go.

Opinions?  Additions?  Something I missed?  Know of a cheap/good wired follow focus?  Feel free to comment…respectfully.



Source: Sony FS5 & Z150 Firmware fix is ready with v4.02 and v2.02 – Newsshooter