RED’s Latest Tease

RED has forever changed the digital cinema market, so any time they launch a new product it’s news.  Having said that, they have a history of teasing and not following through.  I don’t know what to think of this latest offering.  Seems expensive for what it currently does.  It’s pretty amusing to read the comments on  Quite a few along the lines of “I’m not really sure what I just bought for $1600 but I love it!”  Plus they are already limiting expectations of how many they can produce.  Jarred Land himself calls their latest attempt at supplying a low cost camera in large numbers (the Raven) a “Clusterf-ck” and they stopped taking orders because they can’t keep up.  Doesn’t seem like they are scaled up to head into the consumer electronics world.  Time will tell.

Source: Red Hydrogen: Worlds first Holographic media player and mobile phone – Newsshooter

A Full Frame Prime Lens Comparison

At NAB this year, I was one of the few people to give a new Taiwanese lens company any press.  The name of their company is Bokkeh.  I wasn’t sure at that time if they were rehoused lenses or not.   Vincent Huang from Bokkeh assures me these are an all new lens design.

They recently made me aware of a full frame blind lens test they posted to 4K Youtube.  No word if they’ll let us know which is which eventually, but one assumes yes, or what was the point, right?.  If you’re living in a full frame world, it might be fun to have a look and decide which of the seven different lenses you like.

CineGear 2017 Videos

I’m at CineGear at the Paramount lot in Los Angeles.  A fun experience for a first timer.  Doing write-ups for each video is time consuming, and generally just repeats what the presenter in the video is saying anyways.  So I’ve decided to just do a link to the Youtube Playlist containing all the videos I’ve managed to pump out.  Go and enjoy!

P.S.  Here’s some quick snaps to give you an idea of the venue.

Lots of “Techno” type cranes on display

A big enough area to need your own fire department

I even like the fonts and layout

RED, Panavision and DJI occupied their own hangar/stage. Here, Michael Cioni is holding court, check out our video with him.

I was told there were significantly more people there this year.


Not only does the camera slide into and out of the car on the rail, but the rail itself can slide around in front too!

A little something for the Canadians out there ❄️

When people ask me if I’ve been to New York, I can say…sort of.

Most of the stages are pretty old (or storied is another term).

Canon C200 hands-on: 4K 60p, touchscreen AF, Canon Cinema RAW Light – Newsshooter

So Canon has announced the C200, a 4K camera that shoots a form of compressed RAW as well a 8 bit video formats.  The $5000 to $10,000 price point is sure filling up with cameras: Sony FS5 and FS7 variants, Canon’s offerings, The Ursa Mini Pro, and Panasonic’s soon to be announced camera.  Tough to make a choice.  I do agree with Matthew Allard that Canon seems to be a little late to the party with this camera.  I also thought the same thing about the C700: it was essentially a Sony F55 years after theirs had been on the market.  But, competition is good for everyone.  A Canon camera in a C300 form factor with their excellent auto-focus, skin tones and the ability to shoot RAW will definitely find some buyers.

Look for KOAT to have a look at CineGear in two days!

Source: Canon C200 hands-on: 4K 60p, touchscreen AF, Canon Cinema RAW Light – Newsshooter

Manfrotto’s Nitrotech N8 Fluid Video Head Recalled

No Film School has a little scoop.  Manfrotto is recalling its new small head that uses a nitrogen gas cylinder to provide variable counterbalance, the Nitrotech N8.  It sounds like they are doing things right: even though they have had zero reports of a problem from their customers, as a precautionary measure, they are recalling them and offering a replacement (as well as a free LED panel to smooth over any inconvenience).

We had a look at this head during our NAB coverage.

Source: Manfrotto’s Nitrotech N8 Fluid Video Head Recalled