I’ve been in pro video for over 28 years, primarily on the broadcast side. For the last 11 years, I was point guy for a gear rental business in Canada, where I got more involved in the cinema side of things, and became a bit of a gear guru.  I ran this blog for a couple of years, but the time commitment of maintaining a daily blog eventually took its toll and I let it lapse.  Recently I decided to take some time off, and as part of that, I intend to put more effort into this site (and its associated social media channels) and try to build a bit of a following and see what opportunities might arise as part of that.

This site will not be regurgitating press releases, and may or may not be updated daily. I plan to follow the pro video/audio/film worlds, but I may occasionally veer off on a tangent.  It will primarily be links to content originators, but I will also add my own opinion and hopefully some context of why the link matters to me.  If I find the same links at more than one sight, I’ll try and use the site that hasn’t been featured in a while.  I hope to be fair, but ultimately I’m doing this for me, and my opinions may not mesh with yours.  Cheers!


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