Does The Chair In Your Edit Suite Swivel?

Apple’s teased iMac Pro launches Today, and to take advantage of all that new horsepower, they are also shipping a major revision to Final Cut Pro X (can we drop the X at this point?). 9 to 5 Mac has a nice walk through.

Colour timing has much finer control, you can edit 360 degree video, and there is native support for h.265 among other new features.

The iMac Pro looks like good bang for the buck in its base configurations, but adding options raises the price quickly.  After they abandoned pro users by not updating the “trash can” Mac for 3 years, this is the machine that was going to be their new high end machine.  They’ve since said in public that they are working on an even higher end modular pro machine that will come sometime in 2018.

As someone who loves Mac and uses FCP, I’m glad to see Apple’s renewed focus on pro users.  I can’t see myself switching eco-systems to Windows anytime soon.  But I’m also gun shy about Apple’s dedication to the Mac and pro users.  You pay a pretty steep price premium for hardware in the Apple universe.  It’s hard to make that sort of investment when you see their commitment sometimes varies like the wind.

Source: Hands-on: Final Cut Pro 10.4 adds 360 VR, advanced color grading, HDR support, and more [Video]