Apple TV with 4K UHD, 10-bit HDR and Dolby Vision is coming – appleinsider

“Apple’s own firmware for the upcoming HomePod speaker has proven to be the gift that keeps on giving for enthusiasts, this time revealing that a next-generation Apple TV will boast support for 4K video, as well as high dynamic range in both 10-bit and Dolby Vision formats.”

In general, I try not to publish rumours on this site, but given this fellow’s track record, I’m confident in saying this is a sure thing.  Just need to know the date now.

A lot of people were hoping for 4K during the last round of improvements.  Apple generally doesn’t roll things out until they have a complete solution ready to go.  In this case:

  1. High Sierra and the next iOS are going to have h.265 authoring built in and hardware accelerated
  2. The people that might want 4K have had about 1.5 years to buy 4K televisions.  4K TV’s are at a point now where the option to have that resolution is at a “Well for another $200 I might as well future proof this major purchase” level.  Soon it won’t be an option on higher end units
  3. I suspect Apple now is comfortable that its data centers can handle the increased bit load that will be required.

Whether your local internet connection handle the load is another question.

Source: Apple TV with 4K UHD, 10-bit HDR and Dolby Vision revealed by HomePod firmware