RED RAVEN available at – ProVideo Coalition

So it would appear that Apple and RED have made a deal to exclusively sell the RED RAVEN camera only at Apple stores (I’m assuming only online).  A quick look at RED’s store site seems to back that up as it is not listed there.

  • As a side note, when you sort the cameras in the store by “Most Popular”, it lists the $50,000 S35 8K Helium first.  If “Most Popular” means most bought, Mr. Land’s company seems to be doing well

Interesting.  When I talked to Vincent Laforet at CineGear, he predicted that soon you would be able to buy a camera from RED at retailers like Best Buy.

I think he was talking something a little more consumer-ish, but still, surprisingly prescient.  When RED launched their cell phone device, I noted that they seemed to be having trouble keeping up with demand on the RAVEN.  Has that changed?  The Apple Store says “in stock”, and I have to believe that Apple has fairly stringent supply chain requirements in order for something to be listed in their store.  Maybe RED has solved their mass manufacturing hiccups?  If so, perhaps their cell phone device has a chance to fly.  As I said before, time will tell….

Source: Breaking News: RED RAVEN available at by Adam Wilt – ProVideo Coalition