RED’s Latest Tease

UPDATE: RED seems to have solved their RAVEN supply problems….

RED has forever changed the digital cinema market, so any time they launch a new product it’s news.  Having said that, they have a history of teasing and not following through.  I don’t know what to think of this latest offering.  Seems expensive for what it currently does.  It’s pretty amusing to read the comments on  Quite a few along the lines of “I’m not really sure what I just bought for $1600 but I love it!”  Plus they are already limiting expectations of how many they can produce.  Jarred Land himself calls their latest attempt at supplying a low cost camera in large numbers (the Raven) a “Clusterf-ck” and they stopped taking orders because they can’t keep up.  Doesn’t seem like they are scaled up to head into the consumer electronics world.  Time will tell.

Source: Red Hydrogen: Worlds first Holographic media player and mobile phone – Newsshooter