AVID Makes Its Play

UPDATE: Pro Video Coalition has a getting started demo.

If you’re editing a movie with thousands of elements, then AVID is your NLE.  If you’re in a multi-user environment networked to huge central storage, than AVID is your editor.  But if you’re just looking for something to smash Youtube videos together, FCP X, Premiere Pro or Davinci Resolve is your editor.  That means that there are thousands of people who have no idea how to edit in AVID (or are even familiar with what AVID is).  And eventually, that means that no one uses AVID, and even though it’s arguably the best NLE out there, AVID fades away.  AVID is very aware of of their declining share, and with the release of their free Media Composer First, this is their fight song.  I wish them luck.  They’ve been an institution since the start of NLEs, and it would be a shame if they went away.