Baking With The Gaffer

My travels recently took me to San Francisco.  Who lives in San Francisco?  The World’s most famous internet Gaffer, Mr. Luke Seerveld!  Luke has his own Grip & Lighting truck in the bay area, and offers tips on gaffing on his Youtube channel, “Meet The Gaffer“.

It’s full of excellent videos and is building quite a following.  He told me that he was stopped multiple times at CineGear by people going “Hey!  You’re that lighting guy!  You know….from Youtube!”  Well deserved recognition.  What I like about Luke’s videos are he’s a working Gaffer/Grip, and he takes the time to walk viewers through actual real life scenarios and lighting set-ups on location, explaining why he and the DOP lit things the way they did, what sources they used, etc.  When he’s not doing that, he features skills tips on everything from useful knots to how to properly coil heavy cable.

I called Luke up and asked if he would like to do a bit of cross promotion.  He readily agreed.  Rather than focus on lighting, we decided to head off on a bit of a tangent and talk to Luke as he baked a pie!  It’s a fun way to get to know Luke better as we talk about baking, gripping/gaffing, and life in general.  It’s a longer laid back feature, I really enjoyed shooting it, and I hope you enjoy it too.

On a side note, I just wanted to thank Luke for his time and excellent attitude.  What a great guy.  When I contacted him he was just so laid back, he agreed pretty much instantly to doing something, and he also “got” the idea of doing something a little off the beaten path and was in sync with the concept of the video.  He invited me into his home, introduced me to his family, and fed me lunch and beer.  What a legend!  Please remember to subscribe to both our channels.  As Jimmy Kimmel says, it’s free.