ARRI introduces Matte Box LMB-4×5 – ProVideo Coalition

(UPDATE:  If you are interested in this matte box, check out our comprehensive video about it from CineGear 2017)

ARRI has released a new Matte Box.  I always regret saying this, but if you need a 4×5.65 matte box, this appears to have all the bases covered.  I say regret because in trying to please everyone, inevitably there is always some needed feature left out.  In my opinion, ARRI and Bright Tangerine are competing for the top of the matte box world.  Interestingly on that front, ARRI is featuring a Bright Tangerine accessory in their video, but then they’ve never been shy about making accessories for other cameras too, not just Alexas.

So, clip-on with one, two or three stages and all common lens sizes.  All three rod standards from the bottom or the top.  138mm bellows.  Swing away.  Tilting stages.  Full 360 stage rotation.  Flags on all 4 sides that fold flat and can stay on the unit for storage.  Top and bottom mounts for a Cinetape or other accessories.  Insertable mattes.  Up-down and side-to-side fine tuning.  Ability to use some pre-existing parts from other ARRI matte boxes.  I think the only area lacking (and I’m just guessing here, I haven’t seen one in the wild) may be vignetting with super wide lenses and multiple stages.  That is more a limitation of the 4×5.65 size standard than anything any manufacturer does, not just ARRI.  Pretty comprehensive.

I’m sure it won’t be cheap, but then quality gear never is.

Source: ARRI introduces Matte Box LMB 4×5 by Jose Antunes – ProVideo Coalition