iZotope RX 6 Demo by Sweetwater Sound

The Post audio guys I know say they couldn’t do their job without the software tools provided by iZotope.  For those of you who don’t know, their software visualizes audio as a “spectrogram”.  Rather than just a loudness waveform, a spectrogram looks at frequencies and loudness over time.  The upshot of this is that problem audio can be visually isolated.  What’s that mean?  You can see a visual representation of the audio, and edit it visually.  Even simpler?  Draw a circle around the problem audio in the visual realm, and RX 6 will cut that specific part out of the audio realm while leaving the rest of the signal pretty much untouched.  It’s magical to watch in action and has saved editors countless hours.  Up until now it’s been fairly tailored to video professionals (that’s a broad statement I know, anybody can use any software for anything) but in this latest release, they are throwing in a few music related features.  Canadian (yay!) Geoff Manchester demos the latest changes for Sweetwater Sound.

So, let’s recap.  A solution that is essential to anybody serious about doing audio for Pro video.  Blackmagic Design has decided to get serious about audio for Pro video in their latest Resolve release by integrating their Fairchild purchase.  BMD virtually took over the color timing world by making Resolve free.  How long do you think it will be before BMD buys iZotope, integrates it into Resolve and “forces” everyone to give up Pro Tools?  I could see such a move taking them to the top of the audio for video market virtually overnight, especially considering the collaboration and editing tools they’re building into the latest Resolve.

I have zero inside knowledge, I’m simply speculating.  But I could see it happening…..