Michael Cioni: Do I Have Stockholm Syndrome with Apple?

It’s a fairly safe statement to say that few people know more about Apple and Post Production than Michael Cioni.  BTW, if you don’t know, his company Light Iron was acquired by Panavision a couple of years ago.

In a rather lengthy video posted by http://www.fcp.co, he puts forth that now is the time for the Apple Post community to come together and hold Apple’s feet to the fire over the new Mac Pros coming next year.  I totally agree, and gave Apple a little poke in the ribs earlier by comparing their statement on the current Mac Pro to Trump’s on health care.  Maybe a bit extreme, but while I am a huge Apple fan, I get a bit tired of sycophants genuflecting before the Great & Mighty Apple like they can do no wrong.

Give it a watch if you have the time.  At 25 minutes in he talks about a major change that’s happened recently that can help bring your older Mac into the modern age.

Source: Michael Cioni: Do I Have Stockholm Syndrome with Apple?