Sony NAB 2017: Professional Audio

Aside from the A9 still camera, no ground shaking announcements from Sony at NAB this year….or so I thought.  Just watched their own highlight reel of their pro audio devices.  They talk about their wirelesses (all of my videos this year used a UWP wireless, with not one problem in the polluted spectrum of the LVCC), a couple of their small audio recorders (including one that can be remotely controlled by a smartphone app after you place it), but the coolest item (pun intended) was their microphone featured at 9:52 into the video.  It’s a tube microphone called the C-800G.  Tube mics give the best sound, but they are affected by heat.  So, Sony built a cooling system, complete with radiator fins, out the back of the mic.  Pretty impressive technology, check out the video.

P.S.  Nice as it sounds, you won’t be using it on your podcast.  It costs $10,000 U.S.