NAB 2017 – SHAPE

SHAPE is a camera accessory maker from Canada, and they do some nice stuff.  One thing that sets them apart from other manufacturers is the quick adjustability of their rigs through spring loaded push buttons.  They are running with that feature in the launch of their new positioning arms.

I can see them being very helpful on something like the viewscreen/audio unit of a C300 featured in the video.  That particular unit has two different mounts, and can be flip/flopped a zillion different ways.  Their 4-axis arm should tame it.  My only word of advice?  Fully depress the button before you move the arm.  If you half depress it, then you are going to “grind” the aluminum rosette teeth off over time, decreasing its holding power.

BTW, I think their Director’s Monitor handheld unit is the best one out there.  The handles can hold it out from your body when it is hung around your neck, or make a brace when set on a flat surface.  The 5/8″ hole for light stand mounting is another nice feature.