NAB 2017 – Pro Cyc

Pro Cyc sells cycloramas for a living.  A cyclorama is studio space designed with curved corners to eliminate shadows once it’s lit.  Generally they are either white or chroma green/blue.  White can be blown out as white to give that “heavenly limbo” effect, or you can make it whatever color you want by simply lighting it with colored lights.  Pro Cyc makes the matte covering material when you are installing a permanent cyclorama.  It does away with reflections (bad when you’re trying to key) and is made of a robust plastic material.

Here, they’ve taken the covering material they use on permanent installs, and packaged it for portable use.  I’ve used chromakey cloth rolls for this, but getting the cloth wrinkle free for no shadows can be difficult and time consuming.  A 10 foot roll of paper also works, but they tend to get dirty quickly and also tear.  Pro Cyc’s solution is tough, wrinkle free and can we washed to get rid of footprints.  It’s a little pricey, but if you’re going to be doing a lot of keying, could be worth it.