NAB 2017 – Pixellot

Like a lot of cameramen, I got my start shooting community sports teams.  That training ground might be going away if Pixellot has its way.

Essentially, they sell you a multi-camera array that combines the cameras into a single high resolution panoramic shot.  That shot gets sent to their control centre, and they stream it to the end user.  That end user can be your high school’s community channel, or more interestingly, individual parents of the players.  Are you a parent that wants to only watch your child and not follow the play?  You can do that.  It’s an interesting business model, and the market for it is almost unlimited.  Except for the crushing of future camerapeople 😳 , I wish them luck.

P.S. I apologize for the flicker, I’m not sure what happened there, I don’t think I changed any settings?