NAB 2017 – Ross Video

Ross Video is a large Canadian company (yay!) that has been around since 1974, so they know what they’re talking about.  The company is one man’s vision, and that man is still involved in day-to-day.  I think if you talk to engineers at TV stations, you’ll find they’re one of the most trusted names on the broadcast side of things.

They’ve long specialized in production switchers, from huge units for mobile trucks down to their smaller Carbonite series recently.  What they haven’t done is dip their toe in the all-in-one switcher market to compete with the likes of the Newtek Tricaster.  That changed this year with the launch of their Graphite unit.

Ross is very good at software, but their view was that the all-in-ones relied too much on generic PC hardware with a software layer.  When the software crashed, your whole show could go down.  I’ve seen it happen, it’s not a fun experience for the operator, especially since he/she is usually a one man band with these mini-mobiles.  You don’t know pressure until you’ve switched a live show and things crash and everyone is looking at you!

Ross has designed Graphite’s switcher unit to be encompassed in a PCIe card, with its own Linux operating system onboard.