NAB 2017 – MultiDyne

MultiDyne has been around since 1977, and is one of the major suppliers of fiber optic solutions to broadcasters.

I’ve used their SilverBullet product to convert HD-SDI to ST fiber for when I had to go farther than 300′.  They work like a charm and are incredibly tiny.  I had a talk with Matt about possibly changing their power supply to a USB plug.  They’ve legitimately considered it, but he gave me real reasons why they haven’t gone that way.  Good to know they are thinking about things, and are open to customer feedback.  Speaking of SilverBULLETS, they’ve come out with a 12G version this NAB to accommodate 4K signals.

I said in a previous posting that I only knew of one manufacturer on the market with a 12G SDI to fiber device.  WRONG!  MultiDyne has one as well called the Dogbone, and so  apparently does Camplex.  I guess I should stop making grand statements of fact…

Having said that, I’m going to make another.  MultiDyne is showing a simple cameraback converter that takes the 12G single cable SDI signal from the back of an Ursa Mini or Ursa Mini Pro, and converts it to SMPTE fiber.  It’s nowhere near the price of a Blackmagic ATEM box, but it’s a lot handier and built very well.  I’ve done a little reading.  From what I can tell, Blackmagic Design’s dedicated 4K studio cameras have the option of feeding a 4K signal over LC fiber back to their ATEM Talkback Converter 4K, where it then can be output on BNC as 12G SDI for connection to their switchers.  I can find no BM solution for getting the 12G output of an Ursa Mini back to their switchers.  I may be wrong (I’m all gun shy now….) but MultiDyne’s maybe be the only working solution at the moment.

I also had a chat with Matt about their website.  If you go there and try to find any of these just announced products, you can’t, and it’s been that way for a while.  He promised changes were afoot.  Sorry for the criticism MultiDyne, but nothing makes me crazier than companies that spend all this money to go to NAB, and then don’t take advantage of the most cost effective marketing service in the world….