NAB 2017 – Bright Tangerine

Bright Tangerine is a company that started out making high quality matte boxes, and recently they’ve expanded into camera accessories.  There’s a lot of competition in that world, but it looks like they’re bringing some innovation to the field.  Being able to quick-release your rig off of a dovetail plate would be genuinely helpful (on a small camera at least  🙂  It looks like they are starting small, with the Alexa Mini and RED cameras.  I also like that their mount allows you to use a standard ethernet cable for ARRI rather than having to convert to LEMO every time.

You can see on the back of their camera a battery you might not recognize.  Brian was a little mysterious about it.  They are planning to manufacture them.  He promises that their formulation allows them to be charged in 20 minutes.  Interesting if it works.  I’ve got to think that making batteries is harder than camera accessories, but their track record so far is good, so they definitely deserve the benefit of the doubt.  Good luck BT!