NAB 2017 – Zaxcom

Zaxcom makes great audio gear, and I think they’re another one of these companies that thought about where the “holes” were in the market they wanted to enter, and had a plan from the start to address those shortcomings in their products.  Things like onboard recording with timecode in their wireless transmitters, Neverclip, Zaxnet and XR modulation are innovations that others haven’t been able to match.  The fact that they make both wirelesses and recorders also gives them some inherent advantages.  They’ve had some fun with their marketing too, which I like.

Here they describe two new mini transmitters that they are coming out with.  As a note of clarity, there’s a cutaway closeup of the plug-on unit towards the end of the video.  I had to slow it down for coverage reasons, the slow seconds display on the face of the unit is not representative of reality.

Also announced at the show, is a new rack mount multi-receiver unit, the RX-12.