Angénieux changes their lens mount live on the NAB show floor!


There are a number of high end cinema cameras that have come to market recently that are using full frame sensors.  Up until now, digital cinema cameras have used sensors modelled on the physically smaller Super 35mm sized frame.  While the move to larger sensors promises a more limited depth of field and possibly better light gathering ability, it means obsolescence for the majority of lens collections.  A lens designed for Super 35mm is likely to vignette badly on a full frame camera.

Angénieux can’t do much about their legacy lenses, but in building their new line of Type EZ Series zoom lenses, they designed in flexibility.  Since they were creating a design from scratch, they made it so that the rear element of the lens could be swapped out to cover different imager sizes.  And they made it so that this could be accomplished without a trip back to the factory.  In fact, anybody could do this with simple tools.  How do I know this?  Because the above video shows them doing it on the show floor at NAB!

I want to send out a big merci/thank you to Jean-Marc Bouchut at Angénieux.  I’m just getting this blog going, and I don’t have a large readership.  I figured I’d ask if the swap could be demoed, and the worst they could do was say no.  To my surprise, Jean-Marc said “Sure, let me just gather the tools I need.”  Classy.  BTW, he changed the lens from a full frame 22-60mm T3 Sony E mount to a regular 15-40mm T2 Super 35mm PL mount.

My 2 minute NAB format takes a beating on this one, but good things take time…..