NAB 2017 – ZEISS

ZEISS had their line of classic ZE still lenses that covered full frame sensors (and film at that point).  When the Canon 5Dmkll exploded, cinematographers were looking for inexpensive lenses that had manual irises and focus, and ZEISS had one of the only sets that fit the bill.  Folks like Duclos Lenses started modifying them with focus gears and the like.  ZEISS took notice of this market and brought out their CP line of prime lenses.  These essentially took the glass from those still lenses, and rehoused it in a better body for cinematography: common physical positioning of the focus gearing across the range, common coatings, and a 114mm front on every lens to match up with a common industry matte box size.

This week they announced their 3rd generation of these lenses.  The big changes are a different physical size, and the possibility of electronically recording the lens metadata.

Special thank you to Richard Schleuning for doing this video, I think I caught him on his break!