Curtis Judd gives his picks of NAB 2017 so far….

One of the cool things about NAB is that by its nature, it’s full of media people.  By that I mean the people that create media, but also the people that are in that media.  I talked about scaring Matt Allard earlier, I tried to be a little cooler when I stumbled upon Mr. Curtis Judd and his brother Today.  I know him from his excellent Youtube channel “Learning Light & Sound”.

His presentation is very polished, he explains things in a clean logical manner, and he backs up his conclusions with data.

They had gotten to the show late, and so hadn’t had much of a chance to see the sights, but he was nice enough to sit down and share a few of his thoughts.  Thanks Curtis, it was nice to meet you.

BTW, the two items he’s interested in I’ve covered: the light is here, and the recorder is here.