NAB 2017 – Sound Devices

Stopped by the Sound Devices booth to have a look at their new low cost MixPre devices.  These are mixer/recorders that also act as a USB interface to your computer.  If you don’t know, Sound Devices is one of the top manufacturers of the type of recorders that are common on film sets and in the field.  If you see a person with a boom pole, there’s a good chance it’s being fed into one of their devices.

So why are they making the move to less expensive, more prosumer-ish devices?  Two reasons I suspect.  1)  The pro field audio mixer/recorder market is, at the end of the day, not very big.  Their main competitor Zaxcom is also eating up a share of that market.  So, there is only so big they could realistically become.  That’s likely the reason that they started up Video Devices a few years back too.  In short, there’s a zillion bloggers out there, and only a limited number professionals.  2)  Devices such as the very similar Zoom F8 (notice how they both can mount to a camera?) were becoming very popular with blogger types, and even with pros as back up recorders.  Better to keep the Pros in-house, and smart to get the bloggers early, so that if they end up going Pro down the road, they’ve been raised on Sound Devices and stay in the family.

So, the goal of these videos was to be around two minutes.  We went over a smidge on this one 😬