NAB 2017 – SmallHD

So I was planning my day at NAB this morning, perusing the hall maps and deciding where to go, when I saw that SmallHD had a booth outside.  “Why would they have their booth there rather than in with all the other monitor manufacturers?” I thought.  Then I figured it out.  Lately they’ve been specializing in high brightness, daylight viewable monitors.  And they logically wanted to display them in their natural environment.  Smart!  Their latest, just released at the show, is the FOCUS.  I’ll let Mike Ashman run down the features in the video, but just so you know, the “regular” monitor built into the back of the camera is actually on in the video, I kid you not!

The other thing I like about SmallHD is they really know their customers, and are always “plussing” their products with extra little features.  I recently bought a Panasonic GH5 (this video was shot on it).  There are other reasons, but one of the deciding factors in getting it over a Sony 6500 was battery life.  I knew I would primarily be shooting video with the camera, and frankly, the teeny batteries in Sony’s mirrorless cameras don’t cut it.  But if you bought the FOCUS, SmallHD gives you a way to overcome that deficit.  Nice!

By the way, they wouldn’t talk on camera because they are just in the prototype stage, but they are contemplating teaming with another company (its name reminds me of a dinosaur bird) to manufacture a line of “Director’s monitors” with a built-in wireless video system.  Interested?  They are looking for feedback, let them know what you think.