NAB 2017 – datavideo

Datavideo is a company that’s been around for a long while.  They make switchers and intercoms and the bits and pieces needed to do small mobiles.  If you’ve ever seen a switcher painted blue, you know who they are.  The lower end switcher market has become ultra competitive thanks to a certain Australian company, but datavideo knows what their customers want, and they continue to innovate to give it to them.  Their latest combo is what one of their reps calls a “six click” system.  It’s their HS-1500T switcher paired with three of their PTC-150T pan/tilt/zoom cameras.  So?  Switchers and camera aren’t new.  No, but these cameras get their power, control signals for PTZ and tally all over one cat6 ethernet cable, and then send the HD signal back to the switcher on that same cat6 line.  So, as he says, one “click” at the switcher and another at the camera.  Do that six times and you have a three camera mobile ready to go.  Pretty efficient.  The cat6 runs can be just over 300′.  Slick!