Sony NAB 2017 Press Event Live Stream | cinema5D

So far at their press conference, no major announcements from Sony of new cameras.

They announced the AXS-AR1 card reader:

“AXS memory and SxS memory card reader using a Thunderbolt™ 2 interface. The Thunderbolt 2 connector also enables daisy-chain operation. This new reader is Sony’s first card reader to have AXS Memory A series and SxS Memory card slots”

They also announced a better OLED viewfinder for the F5/F55:

“The DVF-EL200 is a high quality full HD (1920×1080) OLED viewfinder for the F55 and F5 that offers easy focusing and framing. With nearly twice the brightness of Sony’s DVF-EL100 and enhanced usability, the viewfinder is durable and resistant and can be quickly and easily attached to the CBK-55CL viewfinder stay.  It features an improved eye sensor for increased sensitivity and better positioning, along with enhanced brightness, contrast and peaking level settings”

Considering the first one for an F55 cost $4000 extra, I scared to ask what the replacement cost is….

The cinema5D kids also covered the Panasonic conference, there is a link to it in the Sony page.  They are hinting at a small new cinema camera, above GH5 and below Varicam.  We’ll see.

Source: Sony NAB 2017 Press Event Live Stream | cinema5D