Gizmodo: Apple Shamed Into Removing “NEW” Label From Mac Pro

Apple: Nevermind, Theres No New Mac Pro.

Many people were confused on Monday when they went to the Apple Store after the WWDC keynote, and discovered a “NEW” monicker above the link to the Mac Pros.  I was in the field and hadn’t had time to read the live updates from the tech blogger sites.  I just went to the Apple Store at about 1430 to see what had been released.  I saw the the “NEW” label and went…

     “….Finally!!  It looks like they’re going to keep manufacturing the Mac Pro and they’ve revved it.  Hmmm, the physical design doesn’t look any different…..I wonder if it has Thunderbolt…..WHAT THE HELL!!!….”

That’s when I discovered that it was hardly changed at all…..

Now since then, Tim Cook has at least done what I (and 18,348 petitioners) was calling for in Yesterday’s post: he’s confirmed that Apple is indeed working on an actual new Mac Pro for “later next year”.  That’s great, but I have to wonder what’s going on.  If it wasn’t just a figure of speech, and he means later next year, that would imply the second half of the year, or at minimum, 12 months from now.  Really?  That would make it over 3 years since a major change.  I kind of have to believe that means they heard the outcry, and made the decision to go ahead…..Yesterday.  That, of course, is only speculation on my part, but a year lead time says to me that they haven’t been working on anything.  They didn’t have something drawn up, ready to go, just waiting for the “go ahead”.

I think what Apple has forgotten is the importance of the Professional community.  I’m not talking about the impact on their bottom line.  In this age of iPads, the profit they make from the Mac Pro is a relative drop in the bucket.  But it’s not a novelty.  They’re still doing very well off the Mac Pros.  They certainly aren’t losing money.  But even if they were just breaking even, I believe Apple needs to treat the Mac Pros like The Volkswagen Group treats the Bugatti Veyron.  Volkswagen loses money on every Veyron they sell, but who cares?  Consider it a marketing expense.  Ferdinand Piech said “Screw it!  Let’s show the world what we can do”.  It’s a statement.  And it’s a car that only a world-class car company could conceive, manufacture, and bring to market.  Apple needs to realize that the Professional community are  power users and trend setters.  They decide what’s cool, and Apple should be catering to them.  Not bungling Final Cut Pro and forcing its premier users to go to…….Premiere.  And guess what Apple?  CS6 and Avid both run on Hewlett Packard towers.  Towers that have been designed and targeted at power users.  The Pros have always been some of your most loyal users Apple, but 3 YEARS puts an almost intolerable strain on that loyalty.

Fire up the quad-turbos Mr. Cook, and put the hammer down.  Pull some hardware folks from the iPhone 5 team for a month, and make this a priority.  You need to have a “big dog” shipping before NAB next year.