Forget 3D – How About Better Films?

3D is not the answer to cinema’s problems. How about better films? | Stephen Kelly | Comment is free |

I couldn’t agree more.  Things are getting out of hand.  I was amazed at the postponement of the new G.I. Joe film, supposedly for 3D conversion.  I was going to go see it, just because the Bruce Willis appearance looks fun, and I’m down with fun action films that blow things up and don’t take themselves too seriously.  Now, to punish the stupid studio, I will not go see the film when it is re-launched a year from now.  Hopefully others will follow suit, and the loss of 3D conversion money and wasted marketing budget will teach them a lesson.  I doubt it though.  I’m not naive enough to think my personal abstinence will make a lick of difference.

I will not go see another 3D film if at all possible (but they are making it less possible.  I wanted to see The Avengers premier at midnight, but it was only in 3D….).  They are dark, more expensive, and the current systems of 3D convergence and focus give me headaches.