Kylee Wall: 20 Beginner Tips for 48 Hour Film Project Survival


20 Beginner Tips for 48 Hour Film Project Survival | Kylee Wall – Video Editor.

Sound advice, and a lot of it transfers over to projects that you can spend unlimited time on.  Number 13 appealed to me:

     “….Now is not the time to try something new.  If you have a new plugin, or you want to build something new in After Effects, great. Just don’t do it when you only have 48 hours to finish. Stick to tried and true methods, things you can pull together in your sleep. Or else you might be stuck trying to figure out something trivial that has no bearing to your story. Keep it SIMPLE….”

If I’m under time pressure to solve a problem, I may try a quick alternative.  If that doesn’t immediately work, I always go with what I know will work FOR SURE, even if it will take longer.