fxguide: Full Coverage of Special Effects for The Avengers


VFX roll call for The Avengers (updated) | fxguide.

I saw it twice this weekend.  This is what movies are supposed to be about.  Good writing, good acting, good action, good comedy, good fun!  It was not a perfect movie by any means and there were some plot holes but I didn’t care – it was an experience, and pulled me out of my normal life for two and a half hours.

I thought the effects were pretty good.  My friend and I were pretty impressed by the background renders for the end credits.  Also, I catch myself now in movies and have to remind myself that some things are completely CGI.  Stark Tower was just such an instance. In the world of CGI, glass/steel/rock are relatively easy to pull off, but things are so good now that it didn’t even occur to me that it wasn’t real until I thought about it.  Which is, of course, the point…