An Updated Consolidated List of NAB 2012 Videos

UPDATE: Shawn Lam out of Vancouver has a few videos to add to the list.  He’s fronting for Streaming Media Producer.

Shane Ross has a strange star wipe fetish…..

Jigsaw24, a reseller in the UK has a Youtube channel with NAB videos and more.

As promised, Camera Department has uploaded their coverage here.

Added videos from Cinema5D.

Added videos from Finner Knows Best, who primarily focuses on RED gear.

There are others in the game now, but Fresh DV and their partner this year, NextWaveDV continue to set the standard for NAB coverage.  Nice job boys.

Wide Open Camera was there and get marks for having some of the earliest video postings.

AbelCine always have great videos whether it’s NAB or not, I’ve learned so much from them.  Mitch, Andy, Ian and the others did their usual fine job.

Filmtools’ coverage was not the highest technical quality, but they were nice and quick.  Just the facts, thank you very much.

I’ve relied on The Digital Cinema Society for coverage in the past, and Mr. Mathers was killing it this year as well.

Matt Allard and the folks from DSLR News Shooter do a great job.  They don’t seem to have a dedicated video page aside from their home page.

The Pro Video Coalition has a coalition of Pro videos 🙂

I had never heard of Landmine Media before stumbling upon one of their videos, but new doesn’t mean bad.  Check out their coverage.

Tom Guilmette has a 15 minute wrap-up.

Broadcast Engineering approaches things from, surprise, a station engineer’s perspective, rather than an independent filmmaker.

Adorama has started getting into the video side of the business, and they have a few postings here.  Just stop before you get to the news of a new $300 Final Cut Pro 🙂