SiliconRepublic: Broadcast-quality Film Shot on iPhone 4S and Edited on iPad

Broadcast-quality film shot on iPhone 4S and edited on iPad video – New Media – New Media | – Irelands Technology News Service.

I got here from @VisionWrangler’s feed

     “….“The BBC were quite curious about this and colleges of journalism have expressed quite an interest,” he said….”

Those kinds of lines scare me.  I’m no denier, iPhone video is here to stay.  The point is, even though it can be MADE to work, it is not the ideal way of working, and shouldn’t be seen as the rule, but rather, the exception in my opinion.

I said to someone the other day “Sure, I can tow your trailer to the lake with my Ford Focus.  It will be in 1st gear and take 10 hours, burn out the tranny, brakes and engine, but I CAN do it…..but a truck would be a much better solution”.