theC47: LED Lights at NAB


theC47: learn... camera » lighting » audio » post » tech - gearbox

theC47: learn… camera » lighting » audio » post » tech – gearbox.

I suppose I could add this to The Consolidated List of NAB Videos, but I think I’ll cover it separately.  This is just a link to Jem’s homepage, but he has two videos about the PRG TruColor light and Zylight’s unique fresnel right close to each other if you scroll down.  Off the top of my head, there are 3 LED lights that impressed me at NAB.  These two, and Dedolight’s new line of focusable LED based lights.  I’ve always loved the efficiency and even beam of light created by Dedos, and its design seemed well suited to LEDs.  It looks like they’ve gone an done it, but you sure as hell wouldn’t know it.  Just like Zylight, they haven’t updated their website in years.  Blows my freakin’ mind how any company feels they can get away with that in this day and age.  GRRRRRRRRR!!