mikejones.tv: BlackMagic Restores My Faith in Humanity and Camera Technology


BlackMagic Restores my faith in Humanity and Camera Technology – Journal – mikejones.tv.

Faith in humanity?  Well, while it’s not exactly on the same level as “Doctors Without Borders”, the new BMD camera is pretty cool.  I think it will have the same effect that RED has.  Both the RED and the BMD are great cameras in and of themselves, but more importantly, they’ve forced the other players to abandon their “business as usual” product plans.  Do you think Sony and Panasonic (who are laying off thousands of workers and have shrinking booths at NAB) would be considering 4K Super 35mm cameras if RED hadn’t forced their hand?  Do you think Nikon and Canon will continue to ship cameras with “crippled codecs” after the BMD can do not only RAW, but also 10 bit ProRes and DnX?