NextWaveDV: Zylight Shows Unique Weatherproof LED Fresnel

NextWaveDV – NAB 2012: Temba & Zylight.

This video is mainly about Temba bags, which are nice, but I was interested in the last minute.  Zylight has a Fresnel that uses rubber bellows to allow its body to expand and focus the light.  Kind of reminds me of K5600’s Blackjack.

It looks interesting.  I’d like to tell you more details, but….the last “news” item on Zylight’s home page it almost 3 years old.  Nice job guys.  A wise investment of marketing dollars.  Let’s spend a ton of cash to develop a product, go to NAB, build a booth, and then NOT do the simplest/easiest/cheapest follow up in the world.  It makes me crazy when companies do this.  If it’s not a shipping product, at least put up a teaser page.  On a sub-conscious level, this makes one think, “Well, if they’re that incompetent, do I really want to buy their product?”.