Below the Line: GoPro’s CineForm Codec Moves Closer to SMPTE Adoption

GoPro’s CineForm Codec Moves Closer to SMPTE Adoption | Below the Line.

I think a lot of people were surprised when GoPro bought Cineform, including myself.  I just couldn’t see a real direct correlation between the two companies (and to be honest, still don’t), but I’m glad that GoPro is still trying to push the company forward.

I’ve always thought Cineform was under appreciated.  Things are a little better now, but for the longest time, it was the only company really making mastering codecs that could translate nicely between the Mac and Windows worlds.  One of its 4K codecs was used for the new film Timescapes, and it reportedly made editing much more manageable.  So, here’s hoping they get some traction with SMPTE, and that leads to some good things happening for a company that deserves it.