A Listing of Posts about BlackMagic Design’s New Cinema Camera


BlackMagic Design’s Cinema Camera is a 2.5K RAW Shooter with Built-in Monitor and Recorder for $3K – NoFilmSchool.

There’s just too many postings, so we’re going to do a little consolidating.  The post above from No Film School is quite a good overview.  One thing to know up front is that it uses a smaller sensor.  It’s somewhere about micro 4/3rd size, so if you’re looking for 5D depth of field or low light capabilities, keep walking.

John Brawley is a respected DP, and the man BlackMagic themselves handed the camera to for some launch videos.  He had a pre-production camera in Australia, and has video examples and his views on it here.  A very good read and a an interesting quote from someone who has peered behind the curtain:

     “….I think these are astounding pictures to have from a camera that’s only going to cost 3k.  Not only that, but the guys at BMD are only just getting started.  Already I’ve seen the camera come a very long way in a matter of months.  They also have some very cool extra features in the works which basically put the fun back into filmmaking.  I’m really excited by having a peak at what’s to come….”

  Next up a chat with the rep for the camera on the show floor, Dan May, and the boys from FreshDV/Next Wave DV.  Some better views of the touchscreen and menu system, and talk of it taking audio in as AES, which interests me.

Finally, another video with (the rather elusive) Dan May, from Wide Open Camera.  She asks him why they didn’t go with a Super 35mm sized sensor, and he TOTALLY sidesteps answering, I was giggling 🙂

Just as I close this post, a thought occurred to me.  Remember when RED said they were going to deliver a 3K Scarlet for $3000?  Looks like BMD pretty much has…..


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