Dragon Sensor Upgrade for Epic and Scarlet Cameras


Jim Jannard says the sensor is slightly larger than the Mysterium-X at 30mmx15.8mm, but most lenses should still cover it. Pixel size is 5 microns.

They intend to upgrade Epic owners first, starting before the end of this year.  Scarlet owners will not have a chance until 2013.  I find myself obsessing a little bit over the timelines in these RED postings, but it is a real element of the announcements, and it has been given its importance by RED’s past history.  Even if they start on Epics in 2012, will they be at the point next year at this time where anyone with an Epic can get the upgrade, or will there still be a list?  Will the Epic list be exhausted before Scarlet upgrades begin?

Having said that, they seem to have caught up on shipping their current cameras (if not the accessories), and say what you will, they’ve done that while bringing precision manufacturing back to the States.  That is an accomplishment.

I wonder something else on a larger scale: when is good, good enough?  You’ve bought a 5K camera in the Epic (depending how you add the pixels).  Theatres will have spent a great deal of money to upgrade to the new 4K projection standard.  Private owners will have finally worked out their 4K workflow pipelines.  Rental houses will be looking not to just pay off their investment, but to finally make some money for a change.  Jarred is right, downsampling is always better than up-rezzing, but up-rezzing to what?  The theatres won’t be able to show more than 4K, 4K TV screens may be trickling into the rich 0.1%, distribution will not be ready for years.  Aside from an extra stop of Dynamic Range (which is already somewhat mitigated by Epic’s own HDR capabilities), where is the incentive to upgrade?  It would suspect those that do upgrade will be seeking its reportedly better low light capabilities, rather than resolution.  I think RED’s introduction of RAW workflows, and the general shake-up of the traditional camera manufacturers was at least as important as the introduction of 4K…….but what happens to a company that has built itself on selling resolution, when the importance of resolution starts levelling off?