NewTek Unveils Next-Generation TriCaster Family

NewTek Unveils Next-Generation TriCaster Family with New System Architecture for Live Production and Media Publishing |

The interface looks a little slicker, but this is an evolution of what was already a great system.  They’re promoting the ability to interact with social media sites while you’re producing your show.  This can mean pulling stills from the live feed, or grabbing clips from the built-in ISOcorders.  I think they’re giving you a few more options to offload the audio or social media capabilities to outside operators, rather than trying to have one person do it all.  It works with Apple’s Airplay, and something that caught my eye?  You no longer have to transcode from Newtek’s proprietary codec when you want to use what the system has recorded with popular NLE systems.  I’m not too sure how that works by looking at their site. It also looks like you can have the switcher control external routers in order to accept up to 24 cameras…..