Creative COW: $3500 Autodesk Smoke 2013 First Impressions

Walter Biscardi: Yes, Autodesk Smoke 2013 Changes Everything – Creative COW.

For a fella that is moving his facility in the direction of Avid and Adobe, Mr. Biscardi seems quite keen on the new Smoke.  Straight off, they’ve brought the price down to a place where mere mortals can get interested.  Next, they’ve spent 3 years re-engineering the interface and timeline to conform with what traditional editors expect, and technically, they’ve thrown some Flame features into the mix.  Walter likes that everything you want to do is within the one program: no “sending to” or “round tripping” to sister programs.  Man, the viable NLE’s are starting to become as numerous as cameras 🙂  Anybody want to learn another one?

BTW, Michael Kammes has another preliminary write-up here.