Cinescopophilia: All The Panasonic Announcements, Including a 4K Varicam Camera

Sneak Peek Pictures of the Panasonic 4K Varicam Camera?.

I’m kind of going to combine Panasonic’s official press releases, with Cinescopophilia’s posts, with a sprinkling of KOAT on top.

First off, what appears to be a modular Varicam, purported to be 4K.  Is it based on a Micro 4/3 sensor?  Can you detach the recorder and upgrade it to AVC Ultra?  Unclear.

Next, the only “really new” camera soon to ship as far as I can tell, the HPX-600.  It looks to me like a HPX-3100 with CMOS sensors and a non-CRT viewfinder.  Body priced at $16,000, recording AVC-Intra 100 to P2.  Promoted as being very light in weight and low in power consumption.  Cinescopophilia here, official release here, picture below.

Speaking of P2, they are changing the form factor.  It is going to look suspiciously like a SD card in the future.  They are calling it microP2, and since they say it will be able to record Ultra200, one assumes it will be able to handle 200mbps of data.  They’ll ship a P2 adaptor to use it in current systems.  I couldn’t make out if it would work in current SD readers.  A year away in 32GB and 64GB sizes.  Release here.

A modest firmware bump to the AF100, costing $250.

A free firmware bump for the HPX250 that enhances focus abilities, and a sister camera to it that can work with a paintbox……

The AC160 and AC130 get new brothers with 60P 1080 recording and enhanced focus abilities.  You can rev the current cameras to function the same. The extra fps is through free user installed firmware, the focus feature costs $300 and shipping to Panasonic.

Panasonic is saying that the AVC Ultra recording formats will come out within 2013, so we could potentially be waiting a year and a half for them……..