Zacuto at NAB 2012


Look for the Red Balloon - Zacuto at NAB 2012 | Zacuto USA

Look for the Red Balloon – Zacuto at NAB 2012 | Zacuto USA.

The red anodized folks from Chicago have some new gak to show off.  This is pretty preliminary, but I was intrigued by the rig in the photo above.  They had previewed the relocation of the side handle from the Canon C300 before, but I hadn’t heard any more about it recently.  It’s a good idea, I’m glad to see it’s still alive.  The remote mechanical focus I’m less crazy about.  I’d have to hold it and use it, but it seems like a lot of extra weight.  The advantage of course is the ability to have both hands stabilizing the rig while still being able to pull focus.  Interesting, and if nothing else, good to see people still trying to innovate.

The other thing that caught my eye was the line about Zacuto moving into the lighting field.  I saw plasma lights at NAB last year.  They were a single point source and made quite a hard shadow, so I’ll be curious to see what Zacuto has done to make them into soft sources.