CineTechnica: Angenieux Adds ENG Style Detachable Zoom and Two New Cine Lenses

New Expanded Coverage Zoom Lenses From Angenieux | CineTechnica.

Well, looks like Fuji started a trend with their detachable zoom rocker/motor, because Angenieux has hopped on board the ENG train as well.  I personally think it’s a great idea, and I’m glad to see some ergonomics come back into the fold.  Angenieux has upped the stakes though, with zoom, iris and focus being controlled.  The handle attaches to their smaller zooms.

I’m calling their two lenses “new”, but really they are revamped versions of their current line-up.  The Optimo 24-290 becomes a 28-340mm, and the 17-80mm becomes a 19.5-94mm.  The main objective of the mods is to allow them to cover a larger image circle, allowing their use with cameras like the Alexa Studio.