CreativeCow: Atomos Announces AtomOS 3.0

News: Atomos Announces AtomOS 3.0 at NAB 2012

News: Atomos Announces AtomOS 3.0 at NAB 2012.

Atomos is refining the firmware of their Ninja and Samurai recorders, for no extra charge to the customer.  Most of the changes seem to target usability, which is always a great thing.  One of the changes allows you to “tag” footage with a marker in the field, and have the marker show up in the edit suite through metadata in the XML file.  They call it SmartLog.  They’ve also added the ability to control multiple units using their LANC port.  This is helpful for computer triggering of video walls and installations. Something that is going to make people where I work very happy is the ability to record the outputs of iOS devices and computers.  This would be a nice paid update, but it’s doubly nice, since it’s free….