Convergent Design: Gemini RAW Records 4K RAW and HD Proxy At The Same Time

Gemini RAW | Raw Done Right | Convergent Design.

Knew about this Yesterday but I can’t keep up!  It already work with the ARRI Alexa to record its RAW output as well as a few of the POV cameras on the market.  I suspect They’ll be updating it as time and formats get finalized by the camera manufacturers.  You did notice that both the 4K cameras announced by Sony and Canon are going to need external recorders, right?

What interests me is the various configuartions it allows.  You can do RAW and an uncompressed HD version at the same time.  Or you can make the HD version be Avid DnX.  Or you can record 4 separate streams of genlocked HD, and it will also act as a quad split both on its screen and an external monitor.  I’m just touching the surface, go read……