CineTechnica: Canon announces Second 4K Camera, the EOS-1D C


Canon Announces C500, 1D 4K and New Zooms | CineTechnica.

This is the camera that was previewed at the launch of the C300.  It is a full frame 18 Megapixel still camera, that records 4K internally using JPEG 2000 compression, to a Compact Flash card.  So, no “Canon RAW” in either of their announcements.  The sampling structure for video is odd.  It can sample the full width of the chip for regular 1020×1080 HD, just like a 5Dmklll.  But, it will only create its 4K signal from a crop of the center of the chip.  This allows the use lenses that have a circle of confusion that only covers a Super 35mm sized imager (in other words, most PL mount lenses).  This enables the use of Canons line of cinema zooms, including 2 more that were announced Today.

I should be clear that although Canon’s lenses can come with either an EOS or PL mount, and they are sampling a Super 35mm sized area of the sensor, I’ve heard no talk that they will be offering a PL mount on the camera.  They are pricing it crazy high at $15,000….