CineTechnica: Canon Announces 4K Version of the C300, the C500


Canon Announces C500, 1D 4K and New Zooms | CineTechnica.

Well, no more rumours, it’s been announced.  It is to ship in 2012, and like Sony’s FS700, records the 4K by use of an external recorder.  They’ve minimized the cable count by sending the 4K signal over two 3G HD-SDI cables.  It really appears to be a modified C300.  The side handle is gone to make way for more outputs, it still only records 50mbps HD internally, and Andy says it is the same imaging chip inside.

Just like you can record 720 60P in the same bandwidth as 1080 30P, you will be able to access higher frame rates on the C500 by decreasing resolution or bit depth, up to 120fps at 1080 4:2:2 YRB.  There are 2 quite large and obvious vents on the side of the camera for cooling, hmmmm 🙂

No word on pricing.  One gets the impression that Canon hedges their bets when it comes to pricing. They did with the C300 too.  I’m sure a number will be leaked at NAB to gauge reaction, then they’ll come in under that to seem like the hero.