Vancouver Sun: Sony to Cut 10,000 Jobs in Turnaround Bid

Sony to cut 10,000 jobs in turnaround bid: Nikkei.

I wrote about Sony’s TV woes here, it looks like they’re taking the next step to stop the bleeding.

I’m encouraged by the idea of Sony’s executives being asked to return their bonuses (although it doesn’t say if they will).  Executive pay in a lot of corporations is beyond ridiculous.  I like the idea of a salary with bonuses linked to stock; if the stock goes up, so does your bonus.  Having said that, if Apple’s Tim Cook makes it through ten years at the helm, he will receive (at the current stock price) the equivalent of $103,000 a day for those 10 years.  That is just obscene.  You can make a legitimate “business” argument that he is worth it, but I don’t care.  You can’t make a “human” argument.  Nobody is worth that.  Nobody.  The “occupy movement” is pretty ineffectual, but I understand it.  The rich/middle/poor ratios have skewed to the point of absurdity in the U.S.  People know things are out of whack, but don’t really know how to address it, so they’re protesting in the prescribed, traditional manner.  I just don’t know if “sit-ins” have any effect on this kind of opponent……..