CineTechnica: Fujinon’s New 19-90mm ENG Style PL Zoom Lens


Fujinon’s New 19-90 T2.9 Cabrio 35PL Zoom Lens | CineTechnica.

This is the big news of the day as far as I’m concerned.  A Positive Lock PL zoom lens, that has a detachable “ENG style” handle/zoom motor.  I’m sure some film purists will decry this, but I really don’t see why.  Don’t like it?  Detach the handle and use it as a “normal” PL zoom, but I can see a whole lot of Alexa hand held users loving this lens.

The gears are the standard 0.8 pitch, and it is T2.9, and it has a 9 blade iris.  It covers most of the larger “Super35” sensors, including the Alexa Studio in 4:3 ratio.  Something Fuji is doing that I love (and others may hate) is designing in adjustable back focus.  The Cabrio, as it is called, is quite light and compact.  A little birdy I trust tells me that it will resolve 4k out to about 60mm, and the far end is well above 2K, but that has to be confirmed.

Apparently orders, even at the $38,000 U.S. price, are off the hook….

Film & Digital Times also has a small write-up.  In the car world, a Cabrio means convertible,  Get it?  It converts…. 🙂

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